This is Ying (pronounced kind of like Yee-eng)

I could probably write you a whole novel on her, but I will try to do my best to concisely share just how much I adore this woman.
While staying in Thailand for a month, my friends and I (especially @g_i_jane1029) ate at Ying’s restaurant on Koh Samui almost every day, sometimes twice a day. 
After the third day in a row of eating there, we developed this connection with Ying. We barely shared any words of the same language, but she knew us.
She smiled when we would walk in, she knew our order and just how we liked it, and would joke with us and be sarcastic and sweet and just a ball buster - even though we barely could verbally communicate. 
Ying is funny and kind and lit up everyday when we came to eat, everyday saying ‘see you tomorrow!’ in a heavy Thai accent. 
We went there nearly everyday - and Ying was there nearly everyday. 

We wondered if she ever had a day off. She was always there, running the show. She had a couple people there helping her most days. Usually another older woman, and two younger girls who might have been daughters or other family members. 
Everyday when she saw me,
“Fried rice with veg-et-able” after which she would raiser her eyebrows in a comical fashion an add “no egg”, after I smiled she would respond with “Soya sauce?” punctuated with a sarcastic look and a smirk.
Gina and I would always go eat there together, and she learned our names, and tried to teach us hers.
(Her full name is Somying Thanasinthaweepaisarn - Ying for short)
Whenever either of us went there alone she would ask, “Where Gi-Na? Where Sha-Na”
We made such an incredible connection with someone we never would have met, had we not ventured away from all the tourist restaurants on the main road.
When we told Ying we were leaving to come back home, after a couple minutes of me confusedly trying to understand what she was trying to say, she had me write down my facebook information so she could have her daughter help her find me, and later got Gina’s information as well. 
Nearly a year later Gina, myself, and I think a few other girls we had traveled with are still in touch with Ying.